Monday, June 4, 2012

Made it Monday!

I am a fan of the blog 4th Grade Frolics. Today started Made It Monday, I have started a project and was almost done but my printer is out of ink :( After a trip to Wal-Mart tomorrow I will be done. I am making Vocabulators, these will be used for writing next year. Students can shake the tube to find a stronger vocabulary word. Below are pictures of what I have started with. I will print words on card stock and place them in the Vocabulator. If a student is looking for a word to use other than red, blue, green, or yellow they can shake the container to see what other words they have. Last year, I had handouts with all the words on them and still will use handouts this year, I just think kids will enjoy using Vocabulators as well.

*I found this idea on 4th Grade Frolics, told you I was a fan :)

I bought all of this from the Dollar Store. I will be heading back for more containers.

This will be a Color Word Vocabulator. The gumballs are for color.

The pom-poms and confetti will be for the Happy Word Vocabulator.

From right to left: gumballs for color words, sand and googly eyes for sight words, and different ways to start a sentence container is filled with scrap ribbon. 

Finished Product!!

This is the Happy Word Vocabulator.

This is a Sentence Starter Vocabulator.

This is a Color Vocabulator. 
I did not like the sand one I originally made, the sand made it to heavy. I also used colorful Duck Tape to keep the containers closed. There are a few other Vocabulators what I would like to make. I have decided to introduce the containers and how to use them with a Vocabulator worksheet. The students can look at their worksheet for a quick word find or take out the Vocabulators for a different word.

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  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for linking up and the shout out! My kids LOVE the vocabulators so I know your kids will too! Love your colors and fillers:))

    4th Grade Frolics