Thursday, June 21, 2012

13 Colonies Project

This past year my 5th grade class studied the 13 Colonies and then completed a power point for one of the colonies they chose. Research was done in class over a three week period. The majority of the power point was put together in technology class. Below are the directions that were given for the project.

The students were also required to complete the online game called Mission US - For Crown or Colony? This is an online video game where you play as a kid living in one of the colonies during the Revolutionary War. My students loved this game! I had a few reset it to play it again when the completed it.

Check out the presentations that my students put together. 


  1. This is wonderful...I want very much to set up a site like do you do it. Too I am a single mom with 3 college daughters and 2 jobs...I hope you do not mind me sharing this with my students.
    SNC.....Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School

  2. I am happy for you to share this with your students. Do you want to setup a blog or the Mission US activity?


  3. Mrs. Bryan,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful project. It looks like you teach a combo class and I do too. I was just getting ready to write a project similar to yours. Thanks for introducing me to mission US. What a great site!

  4. Do you have the kids fill out some sort of worksheet as they travel through Mission US? How do you determine if they complete the whole event? Thank you for your help!!!

  5. Can you send me a copy of the notes the students did before completing the projects? Also, do you have a list of websites the students can use as resources to do research from>

  6. I love this project. We are doing it now (thanks for sharing!) and I look forward to the result.