Saturday, October 27, 2012

Inferencing Lessons - 4th Grade

We have had lots of fun learning about inferencing. Each day for two weeks we practiced inferring with stories, videos and real items.

Day 1 - To start our lesson we watched a great pod cast from a class on inferencing. Check it out!

After watching the video my 4th grade students sorted through my trash. Yep, trash! I brought in 'clean trash' (mainly items I was recycling). From the trash the students created inferences about my family and me. After sorting through the trash the class discussed what the items said about me. It was fun to listen to the students come up with ideas of what everything told them.

Day 2 - We watched a great short film called Pigeon Impossible. It is really funny and has lots of opportunities to pause and infer. The kids loved it and everyone had their hands up to answer questions. These are some of the questions I asked: What is the man's profession? What is the setting? What might happen? As you watch the video you will see many other questions you can ask. 

Day 3, 4 & 5 - We looked at cartoons that have one empty thought or speech bubble and inferred what we said or thought. After discussing, inferring and using background knowledge for two days each student created their own comic strip. 

Cartoons - I only used the cartoon pages. 

Week 2 - The second week we read mysteries and inferred the answer. This was a short week for us so we did not have a full week of lessons. 

After all the different way that we practiced inferring my students had a better understanding of inferring than any class before. YAY!


  1. Great ideas for can be such a tough concept/strategy to grasp!

    Craft of Teaching

  2. Love all of these ideas and I think I will use the comic strips with 1 blank bubble as the hook for the lesson. Thanks!

  3. Love your ideas. I can't wait for my students to begin the new term so I can start implementing your ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Thank for the ideas! Very cute!

  5. Awesome ! Thanks just what I needed (:

  6. another good idea is having the students make comics that show one bubble blank and other students fill it in.

  7. Wonderful lesson and great video for introducing inferencing! Can't wait to show it to my students!