Friday, March 15, 2013

13 Colonies Project

I am a little behind on posting this project, blame it on my pre-Spring Break vacation. :) The project was turned in a month ago but I was busy then forgot, so here is it. 

My 5th graders each completed a 13 Colony Project, personally I would rather be given a fun project than a test. So, I tend to assign projects over test for social studies. For this assignment I picked 4 different projects that I thought the students would enjoy making and required the students to learn about different aspects of the Revolutionary War. 

This project is a switch up from the 13 Colonies Project that my 5th graders did last year which was a power point.  This year I decided to go with a more hands-on project.

Project Options:

1. Hands-On Map: the map showed the 13 colonies and included 6 major events that were hidden by a flap, sliding window or other moving part. 

2. Newspaper: the paper was written as if the the Revolutionary War has just ended and includes editorials, news stories, political cartoons and other columns commonly found in a paper. 

3. ABC Book: each letter represents a person, event or item from the Revolutionary War. There was also a short description included. 

4. Coffee Table Book: one topic from the Revolutionary War was chosen and written about in detail. 

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