Monday, August 27, 2012

Technology in the Classroom

This is my favorite Norman Rockwell picture, adding the ipad makes it even better :)

My school is a technology magnet school, we are always looking for new ways to use technology in the classroom. This year we are using two new sites with the students. I thought I would share them and see what everyone else uses in their classroom.

Each class has a blog from the site Kidblog.  It is great! Teachers can post questions or assignments and students are able to go on post their response. All student post are not made public until you approve them. We just started using the site and I used it to ask an intro question for our Native American Unit in 5th grade. If you have used this site I would love to hear how you use the site with your students. 

The second site I am using this year is Youngzine. This site has current news stories for kids. It is great to use for non-fiction reading text! 

If you have any great sites or ways you use technology in the classroom please share!

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