Monday, August 20, 2012


Now that school is back in full swing I am going to try and get back to blogging. I am in my second week with the kids and love my classes. We have started off the year with lots off fun activities. Check out all that we have been up to.

Student Pennants

My fifth grade students made personal pennants that we hung. I love how this turned out! The only requirements was no more than two pictures. They were able to color and decorate any way they wanted.

What I Learned this Week....

I created this for Made It Monday! and now you can see it in action. My fourth grade students loved posting about their week. Everyone posted about what they learned in math. Their math teachers are to credit for that :)

Student Tweet Board

This was another Made It Monday! My fifth graders loved this. It was an easy way to see what made an impression on them the first week of school. Most of my students posted about meeting with their kindergarten buddies. 

Sunshine State Reader Board

This is my Sunshine State Reader board. After students pass the book AR test their picture is put on the board and the book is added above. As the year goes on this will become a bar graph.

Update: this is how our board looked by Christmas Break

Twelve (fill in the blank) Things

 I read Twelve Terrible Things by Marty Kelley to my fifth grade class, it is such a fun book!! We reviewed adjectives and students pair up to create a list of 'Twelve (adjective) Things'. The students decided on an adjective and then created a list for that word. Some of the list they created were 'Twelve Gross Things' and 'Twelve Fantastic Things'. The students loved creating the list and presenting it in creative ways.

I am looking forward to this year and all the possibilities with a new group of students.

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