Monday, November 26, 2012

Liebster Blog

I returned from Thanksgiving break to discover that I was given the Liebster Award! Kristin from Tech'n'Tex sent me the award, a BIG, BIG thank you to Kristin. This award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to show new bloggers that they are appreciated and to help spread the word about new blogs. I hope it also encourages them to keep blogging. 

The Rules:
- You must post 11 random things about yourself..
- Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.
- Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
- Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.
- No tag back (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you)!

Random things about me...
1. I have ridden cross country twice on the back of a motorcycle. 
2. My first job was mowing yards in my neighborhood.
3. I collect Nutcrackers.
4. I don't eat pie or cobbler.
5.My favorite movie is 'Gone With the Wind'
6. I have not read the 'Twilight' or 'Harry Potter' series, but have seen the all movies.
7. I am oldest of four girls.
8. I love to bake, but don't usually eat what I make.
9. I can't go to the movies without getting popcorn.
10. I love John Mayer
11. I do not drink coffee.

Answers to Kristin's Questions:
  1. How did you end up in your grade level and/or subject area? I taught 3rd grade for 4 years and wanted a change. My first choice was 5th grade reading and then my principle asked if I would teach 4th / 5th reading.
  2. How many teammates do you have? 4 reading teachers, 2 in 4th and 2 in 5th
  3. Do you plan alone or as part of a team?  5th grade plans social studies together and reading on our own, 4th grade plans everything together.
  4. What is your favorite read aloud? Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
  5. What games/activities do you do at your student holiday party? We are very low key, movie and pizza.
  6. Why did you start blogging? I love reading others blogs and thought that this would be a fun way to share my ideas.
  7. What “makes” your holidays? baking!!
  8. What is your favorite pizza topping? lite sauce and cheese
  9. What book are you currently reading? War Brides by Helen Bryan at home, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen at school.
  10. What is your favorite holiday carol/song? All of them!!
  11. If you weren’t a teacher/educator, what would you be doing? stay-at-home mom
Questions I'm Asking My Nominees:
    1. Why did you decide to become a teacher?
    2. If you had to move grade levels what would you want to teach?
    3. If you weren’t a teacher/educator, what would you be doing?
    4. Would you be the principal of your school? Why or why not?
    5. What is your favorite lesson/activity?
    6. What book/s are you currently reading?
    7. What is your favorite read aloud?
    8. What is your favorite part of blogging?
    9. Do you share your blog with your teammates?
  10. What is your favorite part of the holidays?
  11. What are you asking Santa for this year?

Blogs I'm Nominating:

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