Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Civil War Lapbooks - 5th Grade

Before reaching the Civil War in our study of US History, I asked my class what they knew about the Civil War and very few students could tell me basic facts. I decided that we would learn just the basics about the Civil War, an overview is what I called it, to get their feet wet. I stumbled across lapbooks online and loved the idea. This is a great way to display information for any topic. The links below show other examples of lapbooks.

My students started the lapbook only a few days into our study of the Civil War. As we learned about a new area or topic they would add that to their book. We were limited in the time they had to work on it each day so it took about 4 weeks to finish the project. I loved the lapbooks and how is allowed the students to learn just a little bit about many different areas/topics of the Civil War and put all the information together in a fun way. I have attached the assignment my students received and a few pictures of our lapbooks.

Student Lapbook
Lapbook stretched out.

Timeline on the back of the lapbook.

Flip books in the lapbook are a great way to display information.

Pockets can hold cards with information.

The 'Who, What, Where, Why' flaps are an easy way to organize the information.

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  1. Where can I find the templates for the Civil War lapbook?